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Frontier Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my bill?

We have several simple payment options to choose from:

How can I check my order or ticket status?

Your order or ticket status is just one click away.

What should I do if the power is out?

We’re so sorry you’re experiencing service outages and we’re here to help in any way. Please call the Frontier Communications customer service number or Facebook, and Twitter for updates. It’s also a good idea to call your local utility company. In the meantime, you can rely on using data to backup information and phones plugged into a phone jack.

What internet is available in my area?

Frontier offers high-speed and FiberOptic internet in numerous cities. We have a variety of packages to work for every budget and speed requirement. Discover internet options in your area.

What TV options are available near me?

TV is a great perk for businesses to offer customers and employees. Frontier has options whether you need basic news or the top sports and international channels. Find TV plans near you.

What landline phone services are in my area?

Your phone line is still the most direct way for consumers to contact your company. Don’t miss out on making a great first impression. Frontier offers professional telephone service that will help you improve customer satisfaction.

How do l contact Frontier Communications tech support?

Experiencing problems? We’re on it. Simply give us a call at 1-800-921-8101 and we’ll help you resolve issues or send a knowledgeable technician out to make any necessary repairs.

What are the Frontier Tech Support hours of operation?

You can call and get tech support help from one of our friendly representatives 24/7. As our customer, you are our top priority.

How can I access my voicemail via computer?

Non-Connecticut customers

Connecticut Customers

How do I access certain call features?

Make the most of your telecommunication services by keeping a handy cheat sheet for all the features you use on a regular basis. Even better, having a reference guide will help you onboard new employees seamlessly.

How do 911 calls work with Frontier AnyWare?

Customers will have a single DID providing location-based information to the E911 dispatch center. If you need more than one location (for instance, if you take your phone to a home office), you can purchase additional E911 numbers. Ensuring your site is updated in the 911 system can help your business in case of an emergency.

Where can I access Frontier DISH® TV channel guides and manuals?

Keep customers entertained in your waiting room, bar, or restaurant.

How does the Frontier Secure Equipment Protection program work?

This plan protects TVs, computers, phones that don’t have an extended warranty. Instead of a deductible, you pay an $89 service fee per claim, which you can make by calling us at 1.877.695.6361. We’ll mail or email you a prepaid shipping label so you can send your equipment in for repair or replacement.

Can I access Frontier Content Anywhere on any device or browser?

We think every business should take measures to protect critical data. So we made it easy to use Content Anywhere with your preferred browsers and devices. It’s available on Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. You can also check the App Store or Google Play store for iOS and Android apps.

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